Sarah Curcio
2 min readMar 1, 2022

New Social Media Audio Rooms

We all know how beneficial clubhouse has become over the last couple of years during the pandemic time. It really has helped to foster connections, grow networks, and even friendships. The room topics are so diverse that it’s given other social media platforms similar ideas. First it was Twitter and Facebook that joined the bandwagon, and now LinkedIn has caught up.

Now, this is the newest addition to this platform, since the featured section and creator mode were added. (Just in case you forgot, the mode includes a 30-second video on your profile, five hashtag choices, activity focused on your posts, and connections changes to followers. Basically, it encourages influencer growth!) Of course, keep in mind that LinkedIn will have more of a professional vibe to it. Plus, they’re going one step further than just audio. They’ll be doing video as well, which is pretty amazing!

Now since, real life summits have been a bit difficult to organize, industry leaders have gotten together virtually because it’s the next best thing. LinkedIn is an excellent learning platform, and having audio is an opportunity or game changer, if you will. Just think of the connections you’ll make because free lead generation will become a piece of cake!

Do you think you’ll be comfortable utilizing this new element? Do you think it could change how special business events run?

So basically, the thought and question here is cones down to this… which social media platform will be your primary choice and why? There’s Clubhouse, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn…

Sarah Curcio

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