Sarah Curcio
2 min readNov 27, 2021


Clubs VS Groups

There are many ways to grow a community of your ideal clients, aka avatars. It all depends on what social media platform you want to use to achieve this goal. Basically, it is about being truly authentic and providing exceptional value for free.

Of course, we are all familiar with Facebook groups and how free lead generation can go a long way when gaining friend requests. Engaging, connecting, and building relationships is what this platform was originally made for.

However, while Clubhouse clubs are fairly new, they can be just as effective. Running consistent rooms, with a catchy headline, a panel of moderators, and pinned links are exactly what’s needed for proper attraction marketing.

So, let’s break down the individual benefits of both…


1. People get to hear the valuable information you have to share without distractions of a video such as how your hair, makeup, and office appears on camera.

2. There’s the replay option available, so if you need to listen later you can without FOMO taking over.

3. You get to have actual conversations with people who will be able to connect further with you, once the room closes.


1. You are able to engage any day and time, so that could build a relationship quicker.

2. Utilize specific theme days to connect members.

3. Remember that polls, tags, prompts, events, and GIFS are an excellent way to interact.

Now that you have a better understanding of the differences between these two communities, which one will you choose to master first?



Sarah Curcio

I’m an Organic Marketing Strategist helping alternative health practitioners and energy healers. Plus, I’m an Amazon Best Selling Author.